Sales Tax in California – How It Works

If you’re a business owner in California, chances are you’ve had to deal with sales tax at some point. Whether you’re selling products online or in person, you’ll need to collect sales tax from your customers and then remit it to the state. But what exactly is sales tax, and how does it work in California?

Sales tax is a tax levied on the sale of goods and services. In California, the state sales tax rate is 7.25%, although localities can add additional taxes on top of that. So, if you’re selling a product for $100, you would need to collect $7.25 in sales tax from the customer and then remit that to the state.

There are a few different ways to collect and remit sales tax in California. You can use a service like TaxJar or ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV to automate the process, or you can do it yourself manually. Whichever method you choose, make sure you stay compliant with the law or you could face penalties from the state.

So there you have it—a brief overview of sales tax in California. Now that you understand how it works, you can start collecting and remitting it properly to keep your business compliant.

What does taxJar do?

TaxJar is online accounting software that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics. It allows users to manage their business finances from anywhere. With TaxJar, you can easily track your income and expenses. You can also generate reports and create invoices.

TaxJar Integrations for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Do you need to collect sales tax on your Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC transactions? If so, have you considered using the integration? We will introduce you to the benefits of this popular third-party solution and show you how to set it up in Dynamics NAV/BC.

Easier reporting

What if there was a way to make sales tax collection and reporting easier? Well, there is! offers an easy-to-use service that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC to help automate sales tax collection and reporting. This could be the perfect solution for businesses that want to minimize the hassle of sales tax compliance.

For the health of your organisation

Operation managers are responsible for the financial health of their organization. This includes correctly handling sales tax for goods and services sold. Sales tax rates vary by location, so staying current on the latest changes is important. One way to automate this process is to integrate with a service like


SBC Dynamics is a taxJar partner that has developed a Microsoft Dynamics add-on. The app is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics Nav/BC to calculate Sales Tax in California with TaxJar. contact us today for more information.


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