Accounts Receivable

Optimize Receivables Management Microsoft Dynamics Extension


Receivables management is where a business tracks all the monies owed for goods and services offered on credit. Efficient management of accounts receivable is critical for maintaining healthy cash flow. it ensures the financial stability of your organization. Businesses can improve liquidity, reduce financing costs, and mitigate the risk of bad debts. The main advantage of automating receivables management is that it contributes to overall financial health and stability.

If you are a Microsoft Dynamics NAV user, you are in luck! SBC Dynamics ERP has developed a cutting-edge Receivables Management App specifically tailored for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, designed to simplify and enhance your receivables management process. In this blog post, we will explore the features and benefits of this remarkable app, which can transform the way you handle your accounts receivable.

  • A Seamless Integration

One of the standout features of SBC Dynamics ERP’s Receivables Management App is its seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This integration allows for a smooth transition and eliminates the need for complex and time-consuming data transfers between systems. You can effortlessly access the app directly from your Microsoft Dynamics NAV interface, making it a natural extension of your existing workflow.

  • Automated Invoicing and Collections

Say goodbye to manual invoice creation and chasing down payments! With the Receivables Management App, you can automate the entire invoicing process, saving valuable time and reducing errors. The app generates professional invoices based on your predefined templates, ensuring consistency and accuracy. It also allows you to set up automatic reminders and follow-ups, ensuring timely collections and minimizing the risk of overdue payments.

  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Understanding the financial health of your business is vital for making informed decisions. SBC Dynamics ERP’s Receivables Management App provides you with powerful reporting and analytics tools. You can easily generate detailed reports on outstanding invoices, aging analysis, and collection performance, giving you a comprehensive overview of your receivables. These insights enable you to identify trends, spot potential issues, and take proactive measures to optimize your cash flow.

  • Customer Self-Service Portal

Enhancing the customer experience is essential for building strong relationships and improving satisfaction. The Receivables Management App offers a customer self-service portal, empowering your clients to access their invoices, view payment history, and make online payments conveniently. This self-service feature not only saves time for your staff but also enhances transparency and responsiveness, leading to improved customer relationships.

  • Streamlined Dispute Resolution

Resolving invoice disputes can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. The Receivables Management App simplifies this process by providing a centralized platform for managing and tracking disputes. You can easily log and monitor dispute cases, attach relevant documents, and collaborate with your team to swiftly resolve any issues. By streamlining dispute resolution, you can maintain positive customer relationships and minimize the impact on your cash flow.

  • Enhanced Security and Compliance

Protecting sensitive financial data is a top priority for any business. SBC Dynamics ERP understands this and ensures robust security measures within their Receivables Management App. Your data is securely stored and transmitted, adhering to industry-leading standards. The app also helps you maintain compliance with regulatory requirements, such as GDPR and financial reporting standards, giving you peace of mind in an increasingly regulated business environment.


Efficient receivables management is crucial for the financial success of your organization. SBC Dynamics ERP’s Receivables Management App for Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a comprehensive solution to streamline your accounts receivable processes, reduce manual efforts, and improve cash flow. By automating invoicing, providing advanced reporting and analytics, offering a customer self-service portal, and simplifying dispute resolution, the app empowers you to take control of your receivables with ease.

Don’t let outdated and inefficient receivables management practices hold you back. Embrace the power of SBC Dynamics ERP’s Receivables Management App for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and experience the transformative benefits for your business. Streamline your processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive financial growth today!