Welcome to Acumens e-Emailing

Acumens e-Mailing Allows you to send emails based on customizable templates to customers from different functionality areas in business central. You can easily send singular emails or in batches. You can also specify different recipient types and sender signatures.

Below are the various areas that this feature is applicable and sample emails sent out.

  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Return Order
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Quote.
  • Sales Credit memo
  • Posted Sales invoice.
  • Posted Sales Shipment.
  • Posted Sales Credit Memo.
  • Issued Reminders.
  • Issued Finance Charge Memo.
  • Purchase Order
  • Customer Ledger Entries

Custom Setups Available

Users can Configure different setups to ensure that emails are sent out as per their preferences. Below are the main available setups Customizations.

1. Custom layouts

The system uses word layouts to define email body. The user can therefore export the layout as a word document and redesign all the allowable sections.

  • Different Layouts defined.
  • The Email Body layout can be edited in MS word as desired.

2. E-Mail Cards

These are used to define and differentiate how different documents emails are generated and sent to the users/ customers. Below is a sample setup of an email card

3. Default e-Mail Cards

You can specify the default email card for each document type supported by this feature. This will enable the user to send the email without choosing a template.

4. Multiple Sender Signatures

This allows users to specify different sender details and signature. It can be based on company setup or the user performing the action.

5. Document Merge

Multiple Email attachments can be merged into one, using an API before sending to a client.

6. Document Attachment Options

You can attach documents from external Storages listed below.

  • Azure blob storage
  • One drive
  • Shared/Network drive


Acumens e-Mailing is a critical resource for managing your email needs for your clients directly in Business central. It ensures uniform and standardize email templates and signature formats while also allowing the flexibility of varying the templates per document. By doing all this inside your core system, the app empowers you to take control of your emailing with with ease.

Don’t let outdated and inefficient email management practices hold you back. Embrace the power of SBC Dynamics ERP’s Emailing Management App for Microsoft Dynamics Business central and experience the transformative benefits for your business. Streamline your processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive financial growth today!