Capacity planning

Business disruptions experienced in recent years have changed the way most manufacturers do business. The need to respond to customer needs as they arise thus adapting to changing needs of consumers.

Erp in contract manufacturing has been in as a contract manufacturing executive, your job is a quite tough industry like yours face challenges gaining visibility into operations managing consigned inventory quoting the right price calculating ATP and CT, and meeting regulations and this restricts your company’s financial and operational growth.

Another area problem is inventory too many cause wastage it also holds back the working capital of the company that otherwise could be used to fuel other activities too les courses scarcity so managing inventory is important apart from this efficient utilization of capacity is also important expected 70% actual thirty-five per cent ultimately restricting cash flow, fortunately, you can free your company from this current situation you need to modernize your workflow you need to include an ERP.

ERP solutions let your company streamline operations

Streamlining business operations has always been a priority for companies, large and small. In the past, this meant streamlining individual processes, like accounting or inventory management. However, today’s businesses are increasingly complex, with multiple departments and hundreds of employees. This is where enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions come in. ERP solutions, like Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC, provide a central platform for managing all aspects of your business. This includes contract manufacturing, finance, HR, and more. By integrating all of your company’s data into one system, ERP solutions make it easy to track progress and identify areas of improvement. As a result, your company can save time and money by streamlining operations with a Microsoft dynamics ERP solution.

A show-quality adopt serialization gain deeper insight into the supply chain

Microsoft dynamics nav/bc is an ERP system that enables manufacturers to gain greater visibility into their supply chains and contract manufacturing processes. By integrating with Microsoft dynamics nav/bc, manufacturers can track production progress, identify bottlenecks, and optimize resources. In addition, Microsoft Dynamics nav/bc provides a complete view of the contractual obligations between the manufacturer and the contract manufacturer, enabling better coordination and communication. As a result, Microsoft Dynamics nav/bc can help manufacturers to improve the quality of their products and reduce the costs of contract manufacturing.

Ensure compliance to get more insight

As a contract manufacturer, it’s essential to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations. Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC can help you stay compliant by providing insight into your manufacturing processes. With NAV/BC, you can track every step of the manufacturing process, from raw materials to finished products. This visibility into your operations will help you identify any potential compliance issues and take corrective action to ensure that your products meet all regulations. In addition, NAV/BC can also help you manage your supplier relationships, ensuring that you only source materials from reputable vendors who can provide the quality and consistency that you need to meet regulatory requirements. By using NAV/BC to improve your compliance posture, you can ultimately protect your reputation and safeguard your business.

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