Supported versions

  • Microsoft Navision 2009
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 /2015 /2016 2017/ 2017/ 2018
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 13 /14 /16 /17 /18
  • Support for both OnPrem and Cloud installations

PCI-Compliance Options

  • Credit Card is encrypted and stored in Dynamics NAV/BC.
  • Tokenize Credit Card information so that you do not need to store the information in Dynamics NAV/BC. With this option, all credit card information is stored by
  • Process transactions without storing CC information anywhere

Keep current banking relationships

  • There is no requirement to change your merchant bank account
  • Acumens ePayments is an alternative solution to ChargeLogic Payments where the merchant account solution provided does not meet client needs.

Handle all transactions directly in Dynamics NAV/BC

  • No bank hardware or terminals are required
  • Unlimited users can process transactions in Dynamics NAV/BC

Support for eCommerce

  • Receive payments in the shopping cart and post cash automatically in DynamicsNAV/BC
  • Refund eCommerce transactions in Dynamics NAV/BC
  • Reauthorize transactions in Dynamics NAV/BC in case of changes to web order affecting the order amount.
  • Automatically apply payments to the invoice when web orders are posted.
  • Integrate ecommerce site using web services to save on development required to support credit card transactions.

Support for Customer Partner Portal

  • Integrate your customer portal to Dynamics NAV/BC payments so that customers can pay using credit cards online and the transactions will post automatically in Dynamics NAV/BC.
  • The integration is supported using web services.

Integration to e-ship and other shipping addons

  • This allows to settle a transaction for only the shipped amount that is invoiced rather than the entire authorized amount.

Support for different transaction types

  • Charge type of transaction will capture the amount right away
  • Use separate authorize and capture transactions. Authorize to hold funds and then capture the authorization to capture the funds.

Batch process transactions

  • You can process multiple transactions for one or more customers at the same time in a batch. This is ideal for monthly billing purposes.

Support for rental contract billing

  • Currently the payment solution supports EQM Rental by Armada Dynamics NAV/BC.Other rental addons can be incorporated

Support multiple payment processors and gateways

  • The payment solution requires an account through which the following processors and payment options are supported: FDC, TSYS, EPX, Payment Tech, Global, Elavon, WorldPay, EVO
  • Other payment types: Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, e-Checks

Easy Reconciliation

  • There are features that facilitate an easy reconciliation between amounts posted in Dynamics NAV/BC bank account and amounts posted to the actual bank account when transactions are settled overnight by the merchant bank

Support for convenience fees

  • You can setup a fee which can be a percentage or fixed amount. The fee will be charged to customers for paying by credit card. This would typically be charge to term customers who chose to pay by credit card. This fee can be setup either for a specific customer or a group of customers who have the same payment terms.

Automatically apply cash to an invoice

  • This can be done when during posting or later using a batch process.
  • Using the batch process is recommended for users with many ecommerce orders (1,000s) to avoid slowing down the Dynamics NAV/BC production environment during business hours. Payments are batched and applied overnight.

Flexible sequencing for transactions

  • A credit card transaction can be processed before or after invoicing and the automatic application of cash to invoice will still be available. Having an invoice is not a prerequisite to process a transaction.

Support for a sandbox environment

  • You can setup a sandbox environment for implementation, testing and training purposes.

Support for Volume

  • Especially suited for environments with complex and high volume of transactions