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Are you tired of navigating the complexities of commission management within your organization? Do you find yourself buried under mountains of spreadsheets and struggling to ensure accuracy, transparency, and efficiency in your commission calculations? If so, you’re not alone, and we have the perfect solution to transform your commission management woes into a streamlined, hassle-free process.

Commission Management Software

Efficiently handle commissions for your sales team with Commissions Management on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Our application enables you to calculate and settle commissions seamlessly. Define commission percentages effortlessly by configuring a combination of key entities, including salesperson commission group and salesperson role. Streamline your commission management process for a more organized and productive workflow.

As a business manager, you’re always looking for new ways to improve your operations and keep your company running smoothly. One way to do that is by automating your commission management process with Microsoft Dynamics. With Dynamics, you can streamline commission calculation and payout processes, making it easier for your team to get the money they deserve. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how commissions work in Dynamics and show you how you can make the most of this powerful feature. Stay tuned!

Introducing the Game-Changer: Dynamics365Commissions by SBC Dynamics ERP!

Simplify Your Commission Management WorkflowDynamics365Commissions is a cutting-edge app that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365, designed to empower businesses like yours to revolutionize commission management. Say goodbye to manual calculations, errors, and frustrations, and say hello to a world of simplicity, accuracy, and productivity.

Why Dynamics365 Commissions app?

Effortless Setup

Installing and configuring Dynamics365Commissions is a breeze. Our user-friendly interface ensures that you can have it up and running in no time, without the need for extensive IT resources or complicated training.

Unparalleled Integration

Our app is purpose-built to seamlessly integrate with your existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 system, ensuring that your commission management process becomes an integral part of your ERP solution.

Customizable to Your Needs

We understand that every business is unique. That’s why our app is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor commission structures and calculations to match your specific requirements.

Real-Time Insights

Gain complete visibility into your commission data with real-time insights and reporting. Make informed decisions, track performance, and ensure transparency across your organization.

Eliminate Errors

Human errors can be costly. With Dynamics365Commissions, you’ll minimize calculation errors, reduce disputes, and enhance trust between your sales team and management.

Boost Sales Team Morale

Accurate and timely commissions lead to happier sales teams. By automating your commission calculations, you can motivate and retain your top-performing employees.

Scalable Solution

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, our app is designed to grow with you. Scale your commission management as your business expands, without added complexity.

Our Commission Management solution, tailored for both Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, is designed with your convenience in mind. Bid farewell to spending countless hours each month on manual commission calculations during financial periods. Redirect your focus towards strategic initiatives and sales efforts, letting our app handle the intricacies of commission management.


Empower your sales professionals by providing them easy access to their own data, reducing the need for constant inquiries about their deals. With our solution, they can trust the accuracy of the numbers, allowing them to dedicate more time to selling and less to scrutinizing commission payments.


Wondering how you currently calculate commissions—based on Gross Profit (GP) or Sales Revenue? Our Commission Management solution seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, enabling real-time tracking of crucial data. Within the Dynamics 365 Business Central environment, our Commissions feature provides comprehensive reports, statistics, and insights into paid and pending sales, eliminating the need for manual cross-checking and tallying.


Whether you pay commissions on fully or partially paid invoices, or shipments, invoices, or employ various commission rates based on product groups or regions, our Commission Management can handle it all. Even if you need to adjust product costs to ensure accurate commission accounting, our Commission engine effortlessly adapts to changes in inventory cost adjustments within Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Key Features of Commissions

  • All commissions defined by the Sales Order line
  • Navigate easily through commission entries
  • Commission calculations based on sales, profit, or minimum gross profit percentage
  • Commissions paid on fully or partially paid invoices
  • Split commissions among multiple salespeople, regions, and territories
  • Commission percentage with override capability on items and accounts
  • Accrue payable commissions
  • User-level security
  • View and override commission rates at a line level
  • Adjust commissions for item cost changes during cost adjustments
  • Make manual adjustments as needed
  • Allow salespeople to access and view their commission records
  • Commission statistics by salesperson
  • Batch commission reporting

Experience streamlined commission management with our feature-rich solution, empowering you to make the most of your time and resources.

Unlock the Power of Efficiency

Dynamics365Commissions by SBC Dynamics ERP is not just a tool; it’s a game-changer. It empowers you to take control of your commission management processes, reduce administrative overhead, and ensure fairness and accuracy for your sales team. With this app, you can focus on what truly matters: growing your business.

Ready to transform your commission management from a headache into a competitive advantage? Join the ranks of successful businesses that have already unlocked the power of Dynamics365Commissions.

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