ERP Manufacturing

SBC Dynamics ERP (Acumens)

Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV’s integrated manufacturing module is a powerful solution catering to the diverse needs of both series manufacturers and contract manufacturers. This comprehensive module facilitates efficient planning, tracking, and reporting of production orders, ensuring that companies can meet delivery deadlines with precision.

Key Features:

1. Series and Contract Manufacturing Support:

The manufacturing module seamlessly supports the requirements of both series manufacturers and contract manufacturers, providing flexibility for diverse production scenarios.

2. Assembly Orders:

The introduction of assembly orders as an independent functionality in the sales area enhances the mapping of simple production processes. These orders are based on order-related Bills of Materials (BOMs) that include raw materials, components, and necessary resources.

3. Versionable Parts Lists and Work Schedules:

Versionable parts lists and work schedules contribute to operational efficiency, reducing the workload on employees. This enables companies to respond quickly to unforeseen changes while maintaining precise delivery dates.

4. Graphical Planning Board:

The graphical planning board is a crucial tool for handling complex manufacturing tasks. It provides transparent overviews of production orders, sequences, and material availability through graphical elements. This feature enhances planning reliability, promotes adherence to schedules, and reduces storage costs.

5. ERP for Contract Manufacturing:

Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV serves as a robust ERP solution tailored to the specific needs of contract manufacturers. It streamlines processes, optimizes resource utilization, and ensures accurate tracking of production orders to meet contractual obligations.

6. Microsoft Dynamics Addons:

Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics add-ons enhances the capabilities of the manufacturing module. These add-ons may include additional features, integrations, or customizations, allowing businesses to tailor the system to their unique requirements.

7. Manufacturing Process Flow in Navision

The manufacturing process flow in Navision is seamlessly integrated into the Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV environment. It provides a structured and visual representation of the manufacturing workflow, ensuring a streamlined and organized production process.

contract manufacturing process supported  by SBC Dynamics ERP


In conclusion, Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV’s manufacturing module, with its emphasis on flexibility, efficiency, and adaptability, stands as a robust solution for businesses engaged in contract manufacturing. The incorporation of assembly orders, versionable parts lists, graphical planning boards, and support for both series and contract manufacturing positions it as a comprehensive ERP solution for the manufacturing sector.